Saturday, September 2, 2006

Rainy, Breezy, Lovely Day

Am I the only one who has really enjoyed the drizzly, chilly weather this week? I'd take this over 96 degrees any day! The girls and I got outside more in the last few days than we have in weeks simply because the heat magnified any ickiness I was feeling. This cold front is a welcome relief for me :) Not to mention, it makes me feel like fall is coming. I love the fall!!!
This morning, Hubby and I took the girls to a late breakfast at the Bagel Cafe. It was "late" because they slept in. Isn't that a wonderful gift from God on a Saturday morning? After the bagels, and despite the sprinkling drizzle, we went to the arboretum. Sam had wisely brought along the girls' jackets, so they were toasty - although still not completely dry. We went to see the caterpillars and butterflies in the Butterfly House. This is the last Saturday it's open. In fact, it closes altogether on Monday so we were glad to get out one last time for the year. If you haven't gone, it's worth the trip next summer. Especially in late July and early August when the weather really begins to get hot.
Two summers ago, when I was expecting Punkin, a Black Swallowtail landed on my big ole' belly and rested there for quite a while! It's a neat place, well operated. The most knowledgeable volunteers always seem to be there on the weekend, just a tip.The girls each got to hold a caterpillar and asked the volunteers lots of questions. Hubby and I even learned a thing or two :) For instance, when a monarch's "antennae" start to look shriveled, it means he's ready to shed his last skin and make a chrysalis. Isn't that amazing? The whole process is amazing. Nature has plenty to offer in evidence of a caring, powerful Creator. I love to see my girls enjoying the natural world our great God has made :)

It was a beautiful day.