Monday, August 6, 2007

Beaded Jewelry Handicrafts (about 6 years old and up)

One of the really fun projects we've had going is a growing inventory of beaded bracelets. Since the beginning of the summer, the two older girls have been working away at these sweet little pieces of beginner's jewelry. The idea is to have a sale in September out in the driveway :) We're trying to decide on a worthwhile use for the money they make. Hopefully, we can find a way to bless others with their income. It won't be much at only a quarter a bracelet, but it will certainly be something to them!

My mom gave SweetP a rather extensive collection of beads for her 6th birthday. One of the kits included some thin elastic that was perfect for her little hands to bead on. We didn't mess around with clasps and all that just yet. I just triple tied the ends of the bracelets together and gave them a good tug to make sure they would hold.

I think the bracelet total is holding at around 25 or so between the two of them
right now. SweetP had set a goal of personally making twenty. She only has one more to make! :) Shug wasn't as goal oriented, lol. She also has to rest for part of naptime, so she was somewhat limited ;) We've usually fit in some beading time in the afternoons when it's just been way too hot to be out for long and both of the little ones were napping anyway. Punkin loves beading, too, but it's a whole different experience when she's involved :) We've found it's better to have everything put away before naptime ends.

We still have plenty of beads to continue creating with after the sale. We'll move on to necklace and bracelet gift sets next, I think. I doubt it will be long before every little girl in our church is sportin' some hot pink plastic ;)