Monday, January 5, 2009

CM Reading and the Non-Visual Child

With all of this talk about taking mental pictures of words and visualizing words in order to learn spelling, I realize some readers may be wondering what to do if they have an auditory child? A kinesthetic child? Basically, a not visual child? ;)

If you truly think that your child may perhaps have visual processing delays or a learning issue of some sort, please understand that these reading examples on Understanding Charlotte do not pertain to such a child. It is not that CM reading lessons cannot benefit a child with processing challenges, but only that these examples with Punkin would be like night and day compared to a child with a learning disability or notable difficulty with visual learning. Phonics Pathways has an appendix that offers some wonderful ideas for tracking and visual processing exercises. Also, the cmason yahoo group or the Ambleramble yahoo group both have lovely, lovely mothers who have dealt with these issues with their own children, and can offer advice where I cannot. If CM reading lessons seem overwhelming to you, I can whole-heartedly recommend Phonics Pathways as a fantastic non-CM option (I used it with my older two girls).

backdated: posted originally on 2/5/09