Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mother Culture

If you've been reading here and there about Charlotte Mason and her philosophy of education, you may have come across the phrase "mother culture". I admit that when I first began researching CM methods, I thought it sounded awfully odd and... well... self-absorbed. There is such a strong voice coming from the world these days, telling mothers that they need to "put themselves first" and claim their rights to "me time" and all that. I was leary. Mother Culture? Hmm... next page, please.

Fast forward several years (and a few extremely stressful seasons) and I've become more educated about Miss Mason's ideas of mother culture as well as more appreciative of her insights. I'm going to blog more on this topic and share my own thoughts with you, but first - some homework for those who might be interested :)

This is what I'm reading through tonight, narrating as I go (in the form of the next blog post!). Would you like to read it too so we can talk about it in a few days?


Jessica said...

What an awesome article!
I have pondered and practiced these things much over the summer but of course when the full weight of school has settled down I'm finding it harder to keep my eyes open long enough for some "mother culture" reading.
I too keep many books going but will at times take a break from most reading for other efforts. Of course with the computer there is definitely no lack of information to glean.
I think as Christian moms it is also extremely important that we nurture our relationship and knowledge of God. If we know nothing else but we KNOW Christ; then I have confidence that the other gaps will be filled in.
Another great article on this subject can be read here:

Glad to have you back Jackie!

atara said...

Reading this article this morning gave me the guts to go to a women's conference today. I'm so glad I did! It was a renewing and fresh word!