Friday, May 2, 2008

"Why Can't I Leave A Comment?"

I know.

It's very weird to have a blog with no comment options, isn't it?

After thinking it through off and on for several weeks and praying for the Lord to rightly order our time and priorities, though, My Sam and I have decided that the comments need to go. Partly, it's an issue of time spent replying to comments, but also there's the issue of that inexplicable urge to see if any new comments have been posted. I wind up coming to the computer too often and at the wrong times just to see if someone has said something new. If I'm going to continue posting, it seems like this change will really help me control my time online. We're going to continue evaluating, though.

Honestly, too, the battle with pride is always there. When the comments all praise me and my thoughts or my methods, it can really be a megavitamin to that sin. My pride hardly needs the boost.

I want those of you who have been regular readers and commenters (and bloggy pals!)to know that I have very, very much enjoyed hearing from you and tossing ideas back and forth with you on this blog. Thank you for faithfully talking CM with me! :) I'd love to get an email from you now and then to keep in touch. I hope you all can graciously understand our choices :)