Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Bible Reading Plans for Children

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A little while ago a reader asked about the Bible reading plans I have listed here on my blog. Although we read the entire Bible as a family and discuss difficult portions in age appropriate ways during devotional times, we do have a somewhat "edited" approach to the children's personal Bible reading. This is not because we wish to leave sections of Scripture out as much as it is because we wish to focus the children's reading on portions of Scripture that we feel would be of particular benefit to them at their young ages. Entire books of the minor prophets, for instance, could be a baffling read for a seven year old; whereas, the narrative stories of Daniel would be well-chosen readings for this age group.

As you know, the Bible is a long book. When faced with the challenge of choosing Bible passages for our children to read independently, My Sam and I were at a loss as to where to begin. Eventually, we decided to use our favorite Bible storybook as a guide. Catherine M. Vos' The Child's Story Bible has scripture references at the beginning of each of the stories. Using these references, we developed a reading plan that would cover the passages of Scripture also covered in the story Bible. This is no wishy-washy list of readings! As you will see from our compilations, there is enough to keep a child reader busy for months :) As each of the children finishes a page (no more than one reading per day), My Sam chooses another sheet for them to begin. Some of the pages have quite a few readings and take well over a month to complete. For this reason, different children may be reading different pages at a time. In this way, My Sam can individualize the reading plans for each child.

It is our hope that, by including our reading plans here, some of your families may also be blessed. We pray for our children daily, that the light of Christ might shine in their hearts and illuminate the Word of God for their true heart understanding.

Blessings :)

P.S. You can find the complete list of Bible reading plans for children here. For future reference, you may wish to simply click on "Bible" in my tag cloud to access these same pages. You are welcome to copy these lists and paste them into your word processing program for more attractive results. Although I have not quoted any of Ms. Vos' text, I would recommend siting her book if you wish to give these printouts out to friends. Thanks :)

***Another note - some of these Bible stories are told in more than one book of the Bible. The Bible reading lists reflect a "harmony" approach to Bible reading in which one story is read from several different Bible passages. That is why the lists sometimes seem to "jump" back and forth between books. The children are reading about one story told in several books of the Bible.***