Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bible Reading Plans For Children

(based on the passages in Catherine Vos' Bible storybook)
***printable Word document format available in our Understanding Charlotte Yahoo group***
Or, if you are not interested in accessing the other Charlotte Mason resources available through our group, you can go directly to each of the following Reading Plan sheets through Google Docs by clicking on the "printer friendly version" link.

Old Testament Reading Plans:

Creation (printer friendly version)

Wandering (printer friendly version)

Laws (printer friendly version)

Settlement (printer friendly version)

Prophets: Part One (printer friendly version)

Prophets: Part Two (printer friendly version)

Kings (printer friendly version)

Exile (printer friendly version)

New Testament Reading Plans:

The Savior: Part One (printer friendly version)

The Savior: Part Two (printer friendly version)

The Early Church (printer friendly version)

The original blog post accompanying these lists can be found here if you'd like additional information pertaining to the reading plans.

Also, if you have a Yahoo account and would like to have access to printer-friendly versions of these plans, you may wish to join the Understanding Charlotte Yahoo group. The printouts are available in Word format under the "files" section.

May the Lord bless you and your little ones.